​5 Truck Maintenance Tips That Avert The Risks Of Sudden Breakdown

Nothing is more infuriating than having a truck breakdown in the middle of a busy highway. To add insult to injury such breakdowns can be very costly. Improper maintenance is the main contributor to such an inconvenient and unpleasant situation. Therefore, to keep away from the most common sources of breakdown, one is required to maintain their truck regularly and in good time. To achieve this, you must engage a competent truck maintenance technician for effective results.

The following are a few maintenance solutions that reduce the risk of abrupt truck breakdowns.

Check The Tires: As a driver, a habit you must practice is that of testing the tire pressure at least once a week especially when you are on a long trip. Over-inflated tires will likely lead to reduced fuel mileage. Also, they make it more challenging to control the steering and they are more prone to damage from potholes.

Trial The Breaks: Breaks are a crucial part of the truck which must be checked from time to time. Anytime you experience squealing or vibrating when you bring the vehicle to a halt, then that is a clear indicator that you need new brakes. Also, you must enlist the services of a professional mechanic to look into shaky breaks.

Analyze The Fluids: Make sure that you check all fluids such as radiator and oil fluids especially if you will be moving along highways. Doing a comprehensive check-up will ensure that you do not experience any truck damages in the course of your trip.

Scrutinize Wires & Cables: Examine the vehicle’s wiring connection and battery cables to confirm that they are corrosion-free and that they have been properly serviced. This inspection will assist you in avoiding any breakdown problems like faulty lights and any other major system break down.

Check Cooling System: To prevent the engine from overheating ensure that the coolant is completely cleaned and recent.

One must be keen to adhere to truck servicing routines and ensure that all maintenance work is conducted by a certified and competent professional. To ensure that you avoid and deal with all road breakdowns engage Fleet Tech, give us a call.

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