​How You Can Keep Your Diesel Engine Running Smoothly

Diesel engine problems are the primary maintenance problem that truck drivers have. This is why you need to know some of the regular preventative maintenance checks to complete. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your truck running smoothly for years to come.  While many diesel engines are computerized leaving you with little choice but to take it to a professional, there are still something things you can do to ensure optimum operation.

The majority of truck drivers will have a basic understanding of how their diesel engine works making the maintenance checks easier.  These checks should be done every 6 months to keep the engine running smoothly.  When you regularly check your engine, you will not only ensure the best performance, you will also save money in the long run.

Buy The Best Diesel Fuel

When you buy diesel fuel, you should do this directly from the fuel network.  This is recommended because they have done the necessary research to find out which truck stop offers the best diesel fuel.  Good fuel will help your engine work correctly and stop a number of problems.

Oil And Fuel Filters

Your diesel engine has to be fully lubricated to work correctly.  This means that you need to check and change the oil and fuel filters regularly.  If the filters are clogged, you will face reduced fuel mileage and the engine will not perform as it should.  This can also have other knock-on effects that you will want to avoid.

Clean The Radiator

Your engine can overheat when the radiator is not entirely clean.  This is why you should clean the outside of the radiator every 3 to 6 months.  This will remove any road debris.

Clean The Electrical Connections

When you clean the electrical cables in the engine, you will ensure proper and better connections.  This will ensure that all electrical connects are at their strongest which prevents shorting.

Check The Gauges

All of the gauges in your truck need to be checked.  This will ensure you never miss any potential issues and that any problems are dealt with.  Some of the gauges to focus on will be fuel gauges, oil pressure, and electrical gauges.

Check The Tyres

There are a few points that you need to consider when checking the tires.  The first is the wear and tear.  If this is uneven, there could be a problem with the axle alignment which needs to be fixed.  You also need to check the pressure of the tires and ensure that you never overinflate them.

Check The Fan Belts

One of the simplest ways to avoid costly engine repairs is to ensure that the fan belts are working correctly.  When you check these belts, you need to ensure they are set to the proper tension. Check them with Fleet Tech. One call can put your diesel engine in good hands.

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