​New Truck Repair And Maintenance Certification Process Underway

If your truck needs heavy duty repair, there should be transparent communication between the truck repair shop and the fleet. Both parties should be in complete understanding about what’s wrong with the truck.

That way, you will have an idea of the right time to pick the truck once the repairs have been completed. Regular truck maintenance isn’t given top priority but it is important do have a transparent line of communication.

Note that, any heavy duty truck maintenance needs to be performed correctly. As a result, there will be fewer breakdowns. In the last few years, the costs associated with heavy duty truck repair have increased by at least 10%. Therefore, every fleet manager should keep tabs on regular maintenance checks.

Truck Repair & Maintenance 

Fleet managers are responsible for training the staff to follow the recommended maintenance standards in place. As mentioned, heavy duty repair is necessary to make sure that each truck is performing optimally. Therefore, there is a new focus on ensuring the truck repair and maintenance process is performed optimally.

Certification Process Underway 

Here, the main goal involves creating a certification process allowing truck repair shops to schedule incoming trucks that need a lot more repair. The focus will also shift to individual truck mechanic skills, the type of repair needed, their current availability and how soon the truck repair should be completed.

Once such a standard is identified, heavy duty truck shops will be more efficient. A fleet manager will also have the idea of what needs to be done and when to pick up fully repaired truck. Note that, there is a process underway to ensure that all truck repair mechanics are performing at optimal levels.

The process is being done through updating the certification programs already in place. Now, fleet managers have access to the updated information and improved accountability ensures that the fleet is performing at the best levels.

What To Expect 

Once the process is identified and completed, it will be easier for fleet managers schedule their trucks’ repair and maintenance services by a reputable trucking repair company. Therefore, they will not lose business or have low-productivity levels when the truck is being repaired at the shop. Rather, they can take the truck out of running and continue with their businesses without any hassles.


Such processes are vital to ensure the smooth running of any business. Even better, the truck repair shop will have transparent and efficient communication lines to ensure complete success. Need more information? Give us a call.

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