​Signs That Your Semi Is Failing

If your truck starts consuming more fuel than it used to, consider truck repair service. This is because it indicates that your truck’s engine may be having a problem. In most cases increased fuel consumption is caused by damaged or worn out fuel injectors as they are the ones that deliver fuel to the combustion chamber of your truck’s engine.

Loss of Power
Truck repairs in Tampa Bay are very important when your truck’s engine is experiencing any problems. Has your engine started struggling? Or has the pulling of your truck changed? Or has your truck’s top speed decreased? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider truck repair as all these could indicate a problem with your engine. Valves, piston rings, or a head gasket can make your truck lose its muscle.

Increased Oil Replacement
If you notice that you have started checking your oil regularly or when you notice that you have had to add more oil between your scheduled oil changes, consider truck repairs. This shows that your engine is burning or leaking oil due to problems with your cylinder liner or piston rings.

Blue or Black Exhaust Plumes
If your emissions started changing color, it is time for truck repairs. Blue or black exhaust fumes are caused either by too rich or too lean fuel or burning oil in the engine and could be problems with your piston rings, cylinder liner, or injectors.

Excessive Blow-by
If you realize that there are excessive amounts of unburnt fuel or excessive amounts of smoke blowing into your crankcase, it’s time for truck repairs. This could be caused by problems with the steel rings or wear on your piston liners.

Poor Performance of Your Truck’s Brakes
If the efficiency of your brakes has reduced or if traveling downhill makes you feel nervous, it is good to let a professional fix the problem before it worsens. This is because these problems could be a sign of lost cylinder compression or damaged or faulty piston rings and the cylinder liner. If your semi has any problems, it is good to consider truck repair service before the problem becomes worse. Call us let us help.

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