​The Essential Items To Have In Your Semi Truck

If you are heading out for a long-haul in your semi-truck, you need to ensure that it is stocked with everything that you need.  All seasoned drivers will tell you that a trucking job requires you to live in your truck for days at a time.  With this being the case, you need to pack correctly.  If you are unsure about what to pack, there are some essentials that you need to make your trip as smooth as possible.


You need to have a variety of clothing with you.  The most important is the comfortable clothing that you wear while you drive.  You should also pack some t-shirts and button-down shirts, shorts, jeans, and comfortable track pants.  Do not forget your underwear and socks when packing and ensure you have enough for the whole trip.  Safety glasses, a hard hat, a rain jacket, and sunglasses are also important items to have.

Personal Care

During your trip, you need to take good care of yourself for your own wellness and health.  This is why you need to have all the items for personal hygiene and grooming with you as well as any medication that you take.  If you wear contact lenses, you need to take extra ones and some contact solutions.  Wet wipes are recommended for cleaning small spills and cleaning yourself between showers.  You should also pack some comfort items such as a pillow, sleeping back and a cooler full of ice.

Cleaning Supplies

To make your journey more pleasant, you need to have a clean rig.  This is where the cleaning products you pack will come in handy.  You should pack a handheld vacuum, some paper towels, laundry detergent, and a good all-purpose cleaning solution.  Air freshener and some disinfectant wipes are also recommended.

Trucking Needs

There are some other items that you need which come in handy while you do your job.  This will include a cell phone and a charger as well as a GPS and paper map or atlas.  You should also have some work gloves and an emergency kit with food and supplies.  A list of emergency phone numbers and addresses is also important and something you might need.

Emergency Items

The emergency kit that you need to have should be stocked with the right items as well.  You need to have tools and reflective clothing as well as some emergency weather gear.  Your tire chains and road flares should be in the kit alongside a first aid kit.  The tools you have need to include a screwdriver, hammer, multi-tool, wrenches, pliers and zip ties.  You also need to have a flashlight and tire pressure gauge.

Healthy Snacks

Gas station snacks and fast food may hit the spot, they need to be the exception instead of the rule.  You need to pack some healthy snacks you do not have to refrigerate such as fruit, crackers, peanut butter. Jerky and bread.


The last of the essential items will be something to keep you entertained while on break.  This could be a tablet or laptop, some books or an e-book reader.  You can also get a small TV and DVD player, crosswords or anything else that will keep you entertained.

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