​Things To Look Out For On The Roads

If you have ever driven during the middle of winter, then you already know how brutal road conditions often are. The winters here take a heavy toll on vehicles, drivers, and the roads. However, the winter weather poses specific hazards for semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks out on the roads.

For truck drivers, the most dangerous time of the year is winter. If you drive or drove a heavy-duty truck or semi-truck in the past, then you already know that not only do you have to face all of the hazards that drivers of regular vehicles face, but there are also additional specific hazards faced by large trucks. In fact, hazards increase exponentially for heavy-duty truck and semi-truck drivers in the winter.

Before and especially during the months of winter, drivers of heavy-duty trucks and semi-trucks should do the following:

Ensure that their vehicles get the necessary exterior maintenance before winter arrives. That includes mirror repair and new windshield wipers to improve visibility.

Since heavy-duty towing in cold weather can take a large toll on heavy-duty truck and semi-truck engines, drivers need to ensure their trucks get the proper diesel maintenance and repair. Along with tune-ups, maintenance also should include a thorough inspection of the steering and brakes.

Tires on semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks need to be maintained properly or replaced if they are worn. Older tires are unable to generate the necessary amount of friction on icy roads to stay safe.

5 Winter Driving Hazards for Semi-Truck Drivers 

Reduced steering capabilities of heavy-duty towing trucks and semi-trucks due to shifting loads and icy road conditions.

Brake efficiency is reduced. The brake systems on bigger vehicles may suffer from “brake freeze.” That can increase the amount of stopping distance that is needed to stop a heavy-duty truck or semi-truck.

Many semi-truck and heavy-duty truck drivers are faced with the hazard of poor visibility during the winter. That is why new windshield wipers should always be part of a winter maintenance program for semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks.

Flying ice, from both other larger vehicles such as semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks as well as from passenger vehicles.

The most serious hazards for semi-truck drivers who are driving is other drivers out on the road. Their reactions and actions in winter weather are the greatest hazards of them all for heavy-duty vehicle and semi-truck operators. Fleet Tech can help you prepare for the winter ahead. Call us for a quote today!

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