​Tips On How To Extend The Gearbox Life In Your Trailer

What Is Double Clutching and How Can I Use It to Extend Gearbox Life?

Double clutching which is also known as double de-clutching is a method of changing gears in vehicles that rely on manual transmission systems. This means that instead of first pressing the clutch once and changing gears, the driver first put the gear transmission into neutral and then they change the gear while pressing the clutch each time they are changing gear levels. Double clutching was once used regularly in standard cars which used manual transmission. However, today, it is mostly used in specialty cars such as racing cars and commercial trucks which lack synchronized transmissions. In huge cars, this method of changing gears can reduce wear and tear and hence lower the need for repairs.

When double clutching, the driver usually first shifts the transmission to neutral and then releases the clutch. On doing this, the engine either usually slows down or speeds up allowing the vehicle to correct the RPMs so that the transition of gears becomes smoother. The driver usually then presses the clutch and shifts to the gear of choice before releasing the clutch again. This process typically takes a few seconds before the speed of the engine syncs with the gear speed. Essentially, this process can be done quickly in a fluid move.

Advantages of Using Double Clutching

On putting the trailer gear in neutral position, there is usually lower wear and tear on the gear selector and the entire transmission system. When the vehicle engine and gear transmission are not correctly synced, the gear teeth selectors do not mesh smoothly and hence grind against each other.

In the modern vehicles being produced today, there are devices known as synchronizes which help match the speed of the gear transmission system and the engine speed hence there is no need for double clutching. However, most large trucks come with multiple gears and inefficient synchronizers.

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