​Truck Repairs – Common Maintenance Errors

The work of a fleet manager is to ensure all trucks are fully maintained and repaired. One way to ensure trucks are well maintained is by keeping a good maintenance record of every track available to them. However, even though a fleet manager may have a good maintenance record of tracks, sometimes basic maintenances may go unnoticed until when the vehicle is needed for a particular job. To avoid this from happening, the manager must come up with a system that will help them keep track of basic maintenance.

This is where taking advantage of technology such as computers, smartphones, and even scheduling software may help to create a schedule for when truck repairs must take place.

The Common Maintenance Errors 

The leading and most common maintenance error people tend to do is not taking a truck to be maintained when it is time. That is because truck managers decide when a truck will be repaired or maintained, and places it should be inspected. As such, if they allow too much time to pass between maintenance intervals, what they are actually doing is actually taking a huge risk.

Trucks are not like ordinary vehicles such as saloons; where you can ignore a problem if it is not serious or affecting your drive. When it comes to trucks, a small repair job may turn into a huge repair job when one ignores a problem. This also may affect the cost of maintenance. A truck should be repaired when there is a problem and should be done immediately.

This is where truck drivers come in handy. That is because truck drivers tend to familiarize themselves with a particular truck because they drive it every day. It is important for a truck mechanic to hear inputs about the truck from the driver. However, because in most cases truck mechanics do not get to hear directly from the drivers, repairs tend to take time.

Another common mistake fleet manager tends to do is; take trucks as tools rather than assets. It is paramount for fleet managers to understand the importance of truck maintainers and their ability to bring revenues. Another problem is not taking the information gathered during inspection seriously. Many do not want to use the information and create a protocol of why some systems are not working as they are supposed to.

Truck Repair Laws

The law demands that truck fleets must undergo regular maintenance checks. However, because of this, many fleet managers take this law as a requirement but not something needed for safety reasons. All fleet managers should take truck maintenance as a program that not only helps guarantee safety but a way to save money and increase revenue. Remember, trucks transit heavy loads, and any truck failure is a recipe for disaster. Go with a trucking repair company that has the knowledge to repair your fleet. Call the best trucking  repair company in your area today.

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