​Truck Transmission Maintenance And Repairs

You already know the importance of truck maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations at the right time. Do you know the importance of truck transmission maintenance? Truck transmission maintenance plays an important part in the successful operation of your truck. It also helps prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

The transmission of your truck is made up of hundreds of complex parts that lets the vehicle move. The transmission fluid lubricates, cools, transmits force and pressure, and protects the transmission by preventing the build-up of varnish. Transmission maintenance is important to keep the fluid clean and let the transmission of the truck run smoothly.

Adverse driving conditions can shorten the life of the transmission fluid and result in transmission failures over time. Running your truck with old and dirty transmission fluid can ruin the transmission system of your vehicle. You may have to replace the entire transmission system before long. That’s where regular transmission maintenance comes in handy. It helps prevent transmission failures and keep the system road-ready.

The truck’s transmission provides the mechanical power from the engine to drive the wheels of the vehicle. Its main purpose is to reduce the number of revolutions of the crankshaft. Interlocking gears are used for this purpose. There are different types of transmission systems such as manual transmission, automatic transmission, direct shift gearbox (DSG), semi-automatic transmission, continuous variable transmission (CVT), and TipTronic gearbox.

Here are some of the common malfunctions that can arise with the truck transmission system:

. Transmission unable to go into gear
. Loss of power upon acceleration
. Transmission slipping
. Transmission leaking
. Unable to move the truck
. Late shifting of gears
. Grinding noise in the transmission system

The truck’s transmission system will wear out and start causing problems over time. It may lead to mechanical breakdowns in the long run. You will have to replace or repair the system when this happens. Call a Fleet Tech office for all your truck transmission issues.

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