3 Common Causes Of Semi Truck Breakdown & What You Can Do About Them

For drivers, any downtime leads to loss of profits and truck breakdowns can translate to a significant hit to their bottom line. It is also usually tough for customers too. According to studies, in the absence of truck deliveries, stores would run out of food in about 3 days while hospitals would run out in as little as 24 hours.

Fortunately, if we can avoid the most common causes of truck breakdown, it is possible to reduce their frequency. Read on to learn more.

How to Avoid a Truck Breakdown

The last thing you would ever want on your journey is having to deal with a breakdown. Here are top 3 reasons for truck breakdown.


Have you ever seen large scraps of tire shreds in your lane when traveling down the highway?

Tire maintenance involves much more than just proper inflation. Missing tread and low tread depth can also contribute, and these two are incredibly easy things for you to fix prior to hitting the road. Ensure that you do a complete pre-trip inspection to avoid getting on the road with dangerous tires.

If these appear to be recurring problems very often, you need to check to ensure that you are using the proper commercial truck tires and that you don’t have misaligned axles because those can lead to irregular wear on the tires.


Your battery, starter motor, and alternator are responsible for your truck’s electrical systems. Many systems in your truck rely on electricity. Things such as the radio, thermostat, air conditioning, starter and ignition, and any computer equipment that you might have all draw electricity.

Using the truck’s electrical system for unnecessary comforts can lead to a massive strain on the system. Think about what you actually need and what you don’t and skimp on the unnecessary stuff to keep the load lower. One way to do this is to switch to LED lighting. You get the same lumens without consuming too much power, and this could mean the difference between being late and delivering on time.

Electrical repairs can be expensive due to the labor and time required to find the source of the problem. With so many potential causes, it may take a long time to find one little wire that causing a short.


A truck’s brakes have a certain level of regular corrosion that foes along with wear and tear. However, the friction, heat, and pressure the brakes undergo during long trips can lead to other issues with the brakes that may leave you stranded.

Brakes can get air leaks or the air lines may freeze, typically because of internal water contamination. Ensure that your brakes are properly maintained so that you reach your final destination without any problems and within the shortest time possible.

On the Road Again

Nobody wants their truck to break down on their trip. Ensure that you keep the top 3 causes of road problems in mind while conducting your pre-trip inspection as well as throughout your journey.

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