A Guide To Using Mobile Truck Repair To Get Back On The Road Quickly

Have you experienced a breakdown while traveling?  Taking the car to a repair shop is a waste of time and money.  Evidence from 2016 has found that a portion of all long-haul truck costs amount to over $66,000.  This is being spent on truck operation essentials, such as oil, fuel, lubricant and, of course, repair expenses.

Further research indicates that repair and maintenance expenses for commercial trucks can total approximately $15,000 per annum.  The fee goes toward alternators, air hoses, brakes and wiring. Payments on the tires exclusively can be roughly $4,000 per annum.

Imagine if you were able to reduce the expenses and save time by performing truck repairs while still on the road.  Consider how much faster the mobile truck repair option is to traditional repairs, and how it can benefit your company.  This article will discuss how you can get your truck back on the road more quickly.

What Is A Mobile Truck Repair And How Does It Work?

Consider the option of having truck maintenance and repairs meet you wherever you and your trucking fleet are.  This is the basic principles behind mobile truck repair.  Using this service, you can conduct repair and maintenance services from any location when they are most needed.  This ensures that you and your trucking fleet provide smooth services.

How Does Mobile Truck Repair Benefit The Average Person?

One of the core benefits of using a mobile truck repair is the accessibility of services for the trucking fleet.  Moreover, the mobile repair service can be used during emergencies when a truck breaks down in the middle of a road, and there is no repair store available.  In this situation, the fleet trucks can reach you instead of you searching for help.

This service also offers many other benefits which will be discussed below.

#1:  Saving You Time

The use of mobile truck repair can be useful in that it saves time for repairs and maintenance.  If a truck has a breakdown, it is possible to contact a technician on-site.  Furthermore, you can use one of the other services during your “off hours”.

By using this option, you can remove any inconvenience experienced with truck breakdowns and the additional trouble of moving the truck into the repair store bay.  On-site solutions reduce the downtime of damaged trucks and increase the time for the truck to be back on the road.

#2:  Saving You Money

In addition to saving you time, using mobile truck repair services can save you money.  This is not only saving money for reaching repair shops but also having the truck maintained on the road to avoid any damage.

Trucks need to have regular maintenance and routine checks.  By conducting checks, you can resolve any small problems on the truck before it escalates.  Smaller engines or tire damage can be addressed before it results in a breakdown helping you reach the next roadside truck repair store.

Final Words On The Matter

When considering the efficiency and convenience of mobile truck repair services,consider Fleet Tech as the service that can help you get back on the road more speedily.  Due to the accessibility of on-site truck repairs, you can reduce any downtime caused by towing the truck to a repair shop, we are the team to call.  This allows you more time to have the truck up and running.

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