Truck Maintenance Requirements To Improve Safety And Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

Like other vehicles, trucks require regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. This is as true for fleet vehicles as it is for trucks owned by everyday people. Properly maintaining your truck will not only help it last longer but will also make it safer to drive. You should choose your mechanic or repair shop wisely. The quality of the service that your vehicle receives can impact its lifespan, helping it stay on the road much longer before it needs to be replaced.

Truck Maintenance Tips For Owners 

Stay on top of regular oil changes. Periodically check the oil to ensure that it is at the proper level. Schedule regular oil changes for your vehicle, as well, to keep your engine running smoothly. Ideally, you should change the oil every 3,000 miles to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Check the fluid levels. The fluids in your vehicle play many important roles, helping to keep all of the parts running the way they were designed to. For instance, the coolant in your vehicle helps keep it from overheating. Nothing is worse than finding yourself stranded on the side of the road with smoke or steam pouring out from the front of your vehicle. To avoid problems, check to make sure there is enough coolant in your vehicle a minimum of two times each year. You also need to check the transmission fluid. If the color is darker than usual, it means that the fluid is old and probably needs to be changed. Most experts recommend replacing the transmission fluid approximately every 25,000 miles.

Rotate your tires. If you have a large truck, the tires at the back of the vehicle usually have greater traction. Since they are responsible for bearing the majority of the load, they tend to wear out more quickly than your other tires. To ensure that all of your tires wear out at the same rate, you should periodically rotate them. This will not only help your tires last longer but will also keep you safer on the road.

Check the suspension of the vehicle. Trucks need to be able to stand up to a wide range of weather conditions. They also need to be capable of driving over a variety of different surfaces. If your suspension is malfunctioning, the load inside your vehicle may move around, which could result in damage or instability.

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