Which Is The Best Option? Rebuilding My Transmission Or Buying An Exchange Unit

In any truck, it is important to have the transmission system running perfectly as it enables you to shift gears when speeding up or slowing down. The transmission system of a car is usually exposed to a lot of wear and tear due to the shifting of gears when one is either increasing torque power or slowing speed transmission.

Signs That You Have A Faulty Transmission System

If you smell a fluid that has a burning odor, notice slipping of gears when you are trying to change ratios, clunking noises in the engine or abnormally high gear sounds when you are revving your motor, it is a sign that your truck has a faulty transmission system. If the problem has only begun recently, you should consider acquiring transmission rebuilt kits or getting your transmission rebuilt by a professional.

If your transmission system is not too battered, it may be better and also cheaper to get your transmission system rebuilt instead of getting the entire system changed.

However, if your transmission system requires a lot of repair before it can become fully functional again, you may find that the cost of doing these repairs will almost be equal to or more than the cost of getting the entire transmission system changed.

In the trucking business, to maximize profits, you have to minimize downtime. Rebuilding a transmission system can take between two and four full days. The time take to rebuild faulty transmission usually depends on the complexity of the problem in the transmission system.

If the transmission system in your truck is acute and repairs will not be cost-effective, it may be best to consider getting an exchange unit instead of rebuilding your transmission system. Exchanging the transmission system usually entails the removal of the old system and the fixing of a new one. This can prove necessary if the existing transmission system is heavily damaged and most or all of the components in the system have to be replaced. It may also be necessary to exchange the entire system if the transmission system has major damage such as a cracked gearbox housing. Fleet Tech knows all about transmission systems and how to get them working right don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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