Why Semi Trucks Should only be Serviced By the Professionals

Anyone who owns or operates a semi-truck also knows that keeping the rig in pristine conditions is the only way to avoid costly a costly breakdown while on a delivery trip half way across the country. Even with regular maintenance it is hard to tell when a mechanical problem can arise and thwart a smooth trip. Still, regular maintenance and service is the best way to minimize the potential for this disaster and reduce the severity of any mechanical problems that do occur.

There are some repairs that can be handled by a knowledgeable DIY enthusiast. Nevertheless, for those repairs that require complex procedures and those repairs that could place your safety in danger, it is best to rely on the professional service.

Following are a few of the top reasons to leave semi-truck repairs to the semi-truck pros.


If your semi-truck is your proverbial “bread-and-butter”, then it behooves you to keep the truck, trailer and all other aspects of the rig in tip-top conditions. The secret to avoiding untimely repairs and other unpleasant surprises is by keeping on top of regular expert inspections. These inspections should include an overall engine inspection, checking fluid levels, light checks and an inspection of the tires too.

But, this can only be done by a well-equipped professional with the tools to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire vehicle.


Many big rig drivers make their living by driving their semi-trucks almost constantly. With this being their primary livelihood, it is essential to avoid the small issues that can slow deliveries and result in financial burdens. For this reason, if your semi-truck should breakdown for any reason, it is imperative to take her in for a full repair service. No matter the apparent severity, all such issues should be addressed by a knowledgeable expert in semi-trucks to ensure that any issues are dealt with in the most thorough way possible. Furthermore, an expert will not be working off guesswork or hunches and the diagnosis will be fast and on-point.

Mobile service offerings

Big rigs are characterized by long travels to distant locations and are constantly on the move. Breakdowns are known for being completely unexpected and can happen anywhere, not always right in front of a semi-truck repair garage. This is why you need to have your repair services on speed dial so that a mobile response can be dispatched quickly. A semi-truck repair that specializes in mobile response will arrive with the tools and capacity to diagnose the issue and possible make repairs on site. If this is not an option, they will also have the heavy-duty towing truck to relocate the semi quickly.

Expert knowledge
Professional technicians working with commercial trucks are well-versed in all the safety rules and regulations that apply to your rig. Staying within the parameters of the law will mean that all your repair work is handled by professionals in semi-truck mechanic work.

Certified mechanics and repair shops supplied with the proper equipment are in the business of getting commercial vehicles back on the road and doing their job. If you are looking for the local experts in semi-truck repairs, call Fleet Tech. Our expert services are experienced in all aspects of semi-truck care and maintenance.

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