Will The Brakes On Your Commercial Vehicle Pass Inspection?

According to statistics, nearly half of commercial vehicles have some type of problem with their brake system. That is a violation. If you are worried that your truck might be given a brake violation, then the following information can help you.

Before you head out it is always a good idea to inspect your brake system thoroughly. Take the time to conduct a visual inspection of your brakes to ensure that your complete brake system is working properly. That way if there are any problems, you will catch them early on and can take your vehicle in to be repaired by a professional mechanic.

You can follow the checklist below when conducting a visual inspection of your brakes.

– Check all of the linking hardware (i.e. rods, pins, nuts) for extreme wear or damages

– Ensure that the slack adjuster is in the right position

– Inspect the brake chamber for potential leaks

– Check for wear and tear in the air lines

– Check the brake pads and brake linings for wear

– Check the rotor or brake drum for potential cracking and wear

An operational check should also be conducted by a brake technician on the overall system to ensure:

– No air is being leaked by the brake system
– All low-air caution indicators are working properly
– That the emergency brake and parking brake systems will be triggered if the air pressure drops below a certain level
– On tractor trailers, make sure the tractor protection value is functioning correctly

It is very important to ensure that drivers understand all of the basics that are involved in inspecting their brakes. They need to be able to inspect all of the components of their brakes and determine whether they are functioning properly or not. Some of the components include the rotors, drums, brake pads, brake shoes, pushrod, air lines, and brake chambers. Other vehicle components that should be examined carefully include thoroughly inspecting the parking brakes and emergency brakes, checking the compressor, checking all warning devices, and looking for leaks. A reputable trucking repair company can look at your fleet for you and keep in check, call us for a quote. Just remember it is very important for drivers to have a thorough understanding of how their brake system works to avoid failing their brake inspection.

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